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If you are fascinated by the unexplained phenomena that surround us on this planet, then you have come to the right spot.

The Shrouded Caverns is a cross between the Di Vinci Code and Celestine Prophecy. The book is classified as fiction, but like the Di Vinci Code, the places that our characters visit are real. I wrote the book to intrigue the interest of the reader into thinking that this cannot be true, but with a little probing, finding out that there is strong evidence supporting the fact that it is real.

Who is this invisible group of people who withholding, altering or denying the vital facts about our ancestors, and the history of mankind?

While researching the background for the book, John Anthony West was one of my resources and mentors. If you are not familiar with his name, he is one of the top Egyptologist in the world. You have seen him many times on the History Channel, and for his documentary that won an Emmy award, “Mystery of the Sphinx” hosted by Charleston Heston.

John made the comment that it is impossible to study the pyramids and mysteries of Egypt without embracing the spiritual; Egypt is after all the cradle of civilization. The Shrouded Caverns also conveys a deep spiritual message of who man truly is, and what we are capable of and achieving.